Top 10 Best Sling Bags in India 2021

If you are looking for the best shoulder bag, you are spoilt for choice, because the offer is huge. We, therefore, recommend that you first deal with the different types of shoulder bags and make a pre-selection. Only then should you consider criteria such as compartment allocation, processing, material, size and price situation. However, taking all criteria into account does the search for the perfect model very complex. If you don’t have the time to do so and you just want to make a quick but good decision, you can follow our purchase recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. For example, we highly recommend the Delegate EK076008 from Eastpak as a sporty shoulder bag, because it is solidly finished, offers a large capacity and is available in many colour variants. Alternatively, the Basics 096248 from Travelite is highly recommended.


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A cape bag can be used for many different things. Accordingly, the offer is also almost infinite. Therefore, before you simply buy a cheap shoulder bag, consider what kind of shoulder bag you want to use. This is directly dependent on the intended use because the best shoulder bag for baby utensils is of course, not necessarily the best business shoulder bag. In the test, the most popular all-purpose shoulder bags were examined and evaluated in terms of processing and price-performance ratio. The result is the top five list of the best shoulder bags in 2021. Before comparing prices, you should also compare as many features as possible. For an overview of the most important things to look out for, see the following:


Types of Sling Bags

Shoulder bags are like sand by the sea. In the test, therefore, only a certain part of the available bags was examined and not all subcategories that can be called shoulder bags. For example, travel bags equipped with a shoulder strap belong to the group of shoulder bags or shoulder bags but form a special shape that is only used for travel. In comparison, the tested models can be used in everyday life and should be used as widely as possible.

In the same way, sports bags with shoulder straps belong to the shoulder bags, as well as classic shoppers or handbags for women. Also, the well-known bag pockets, which become narrower upwards and are often provided with a cord, usually have a shoulder strap and can therefore be counted in the category of shoulder bags. However, in order to be able to illuminate the offer of a special category as deeply as possible and not to have to represent a very wide range of products, the test examined those shoulder bags that are particularly universal and flexible to use, have a good compartment layout and are also made of various robust materials. This gives you a cross-section of highly recommended models for a wide range of everyday areas.

The so-called rollover pockets have asserted themselves as such a classic, all-purpose bag, in which the entire front part of the bag is covered by the cover with closure. These can be used as a business bag, as well as a messenger bag, laptop or tablet bag or handbag, depending on their appearance, size and shape. However, handbags usually have a zipper in the upper area and have no rollover. An important test criterion was also that it is a unisex bag that can be worn by both men and women. The test winners are all very flexible, priced below 80 euros and offer a very good price-performance ratio, coupled with clean workmanship.



Criteria to watch out for when purchasing

In addition to the design or appearance of the bag, there are a number of other criteria that are worth taking into account. Depending on what you want to use the bag for, different criteria must be observed. For example, in terms of compartment layout, a laptop or tablet bag should have a separate padded compartment, while a bag you want to use as a baby bag should usefully have a wet compartment completely sealed off from the rest of the bag, as well as many different compartments inside.

The size should also be precisely adapted to your needs. A messenger bag that allows you to place books, blocks or a notebook must, of course, be larger than a simple shoulder bag for everyday use. Here, a very large bag would only disturb. Therefore, when choosing the bag, consider your height so that the model suits you and your requirements.

The type of closure is more or less a matter of taste. You often have the choice between zipper, push-button, cord, magnetic closure or Velcro. In addition to your personal taste, however, the safety factor should not be neglected, especially if you have valuables in your pocket. Snap fasteners usually offer the greatest security here, as well as a zipper under the overlay, which is not directly accessible.

The choice of material determines the price of the bag. A genuine leather bag has a higher material value compared to a nylon bag. Of course, factors such as brand, design and functionality have added that influence the price. Cheap bags that perform well in price comparison are often made of polyester, which is easy to clean. Indoors, cotton or foam is often used for padded areas. In principle, however, the material selection is entirely up to you, as no clear recommendation can be made for material. More important for durability are the workmanship of the seams, the thickness of the material and the entire processing of the bag.

Pay attention to a high-quality belt. If you carry heavier loads in your pocket, it should be padded. Also, the seams must be well worked, and it should be securely attached to the bag. You should also make sure that the belt can be adjusted in length and thus adapted to your needs.


Price situation

Basically, the price range for bags is very large. This applies equally to handbags, sports bags or shoulder bags. However, remember that a decisive factor in price is the brand. Especially with very expensive bags, material, workmanship and quality make up only a fraction of the price. If you don’t have a special connection to a particular brand, you can buy very good shoulder bags from around 25 to 30 euros.

If you like higher quality materials such as leather, you should plan between 60 and 100 euros for a good no-name bag. The test showed that it makes little sense to spend more than 100 euros on a bag. Of course, the design aspect is left out of this. Of course, if your favourite brand designer carries a bag that costs several hundred euros and you simply like it very much and is in your budget, there is, of course, nothing against the purchase, because the factor of appearance and design is of course very important to many when buying a bag. But when it comes to pure workmanship, value for money and durability, a good bag in the price range between 50 and 100 euros is in no way inferior to the very expensive designer bag.



Top 10 Best Sling Bags 2021

No question: A shoulder bag is practical. But whichever model delivers, what it promises and offers good value for money, is not so easy to see. Whether you’re looking for a men’s shoulder bag, a unisex model, or a women’s shoulder bag; in the top five list of the best shoulder bags in 2021, you’ll find an overview of the best models, making it a little easier to decide which shoulder bag to buy. Important criteria of the test winners – in addition to a comfortable carrying strap – were a fair pricing, good durability and a sensible division of different compartments and bags as well as a maximum selling price.


Eastpak Delegate EK076008

Eastpak Delegate EK076008

The Best Shoulder Bag was the Delegate model from Eastpak. Although the bag is priced in the upper range, it was nevertheless able to score with the testers. This is due on the one hand to the diverse choice of designs and colours, as well as to the good workmanship and the good layout of the room.

In total, the model holds 20 litres and the most popular colour variant is plain black. The shoulder bag has a main zippered compartment, a zippered front pocket and two zip pockets under the flap and a rear slit pocket with Velcro. The plastic buckle fastener on the front is smooth and stable enough to securely seal even a very fully loaded bag. Thanks to the zipper system, the volume can be extended slightly.

The shoulder strap is padded, very stable and comfortable so that even a heavily loaded bag can be worn without pressure points. It is easily removable and extremely tear-resistant.

Thanks to the good division and overall very good workmanship of the nylon fabric, the 38.5 x 43.6 x 32.8 cm model can also be used very well as a laptop bag for school or study. A 17” notebook fits easily into the large shoulder bag in the test.

Overall, despite the not very reasonable price, it is worth buying Eastpak’s bag.


Travelite Basics 096248

Travelite Basics 096248

The 41 x 34 x 20 cm unisex shoulder bag from Travelite is made of 600D polyester and impresses in particular with its excellent price-performance ratio. In addition to an organizer function, the low-cost shoulder bag also offers an MP3 bag incl. Headphone output as well as several zip pockets, mesh and slit pockets as well as robust clips for closing.

With an empty weight of 800 grams, it is pleasantly light, large enough to store DinA4 folders in it or even a laptop. However, you have to keep in mind that the bag itself is not additionally padded, so you should store a laptop in it with caution.

The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable, but unfortunately cannot be removed. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the more expensive shoulder bags on the market, you should definitely look at the model of Travelite. The bag is worth its money and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.


Langford Vintage BC33527

Langford Vintage BC33527

The most expensive shoulder bag was the model for men from Langford. It is a very high-quality shoulder bag made of linen (canvas) and buffalo leather, which can also be used as a laptop bag (up to 14 inches).

Due to the material mix and the classic/modern design, the bag looks very classy and chic.

The carrying handle is also made of leather and gives the bag a comfortable feel. Unfortunately, the shoulder strap is not padded, so the 41.7 x 32.3 cm bag is a little more uncomfortable to carry when loaded on heavy loads than is the case with the upholstered models.

Overall, the division is very good and sensible. The shoulder bag has one main compartment, one padded laptop compartment and two inner pockets for mobile phones or other easy-to-reach items, two front pockets and a magnetic pocket on the back. As it is a high-quality leather product, the bag should also be maintained to ensure the durability of the leather components.

If you are looking for a classy and elegant men’s carrying bag, which also has a padded laptop compartment and overall good workmanship of leather and linen, you are in the right place with the Model from Langforth despite the slightly higher price.


Coofit 5112701CJNQH76

Coofit 5112701CJNQH76

The 20 x 20 x 10 cm carrying bag from Coolfit is designed in the style of a handbag and attracts rather female customers, but can also be worn by men. The design is chic and casual at the same time. The soft but very robust fabric makes the bag comfortable and gives it a nice feel. Although it does not have a separately designed compartment, a 13-inch laptop can easily be accommodated.

The strap is made of genuine leather, but only slightly padded and relatively narrow, so you should preferably not load the bag too heavy, because then the wearing comfort decreases noticeably. Overall, design and workmanship were very well received by the testers, and the division is also sensible and well structured. The main compartment and also the inner pockets with zippers can be closed, whereby it can be closed additionally with the button from the outside. The outer pocket also has a zipper.

Overall, the price structure is very good in relation to the workmanship and material quality of the linen fabric, so it is definitely worth buying if the design is basically right for you.


 Shirtstown QD610black

 Shirtstown QD610black

The cheap shoulder bag from Shirtstown is made of 100% cotton and measures 40 x 30 x 12 cm. The design in vintage look (washed cotton canvas) is chic and looks very classy.

In relation to the price, material processing is very good. The floor is additionally padded, and in addition to the main inner compartment with zipper, two additional compartments are integrated, so that an overall sensible and good division results. The shoulder strap is robust, tear-resistant and comfortable and can also be adjusted in length, but it is not additionally padded.

The total volume of the bag is 14 litres, and you can choose between three chic colour variants so that there is certainly a suitable design for your taste.

Due to the excellent price-performance ratio, the bag can be recommended without restriction.

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