Best Watches for Women & Girls to Look Out For in 2021

The choice of women’s watches is wide, so it’s hard to filter out the one perfect ladies watch.

It’s not just the optics that matter. The quality of the ladies’ watch must be right – and this is not apparent at first glance.

I’ll help you find your new favourite ladies watch suitable for your budget and everyday demands.


Top 10 Best Watches for Women & Girls

Cheap Fossil Ladies Watch

Cheap Fossil Ladies Watch

  • Top Price / Performance
  • Massive steel bracelet
  • Analog date display
  • Bezel with ornamental stones
  • Waterproof to 100 meters

These shiny ladies watch a real eye-catcher. Especially the sparkling ornamental stones on the bezel provide a WOW effect. The silver dial is provided with a fine cut. When the lights fall, the Fossil Women’s Watch shines particularly beautifully. There is also an analog date display on the dial. The current day of the month (1-31) and the day of the week (Mon.-Fri.) are displayed with small hands.

Not only with the high-quality appearance, but the Fossil Damen Uhr also makes a good impression. At least as impressive is the artistry quality of the model.

The stainless steel bracelet is solid and high-gloss polished. Besides, the women’s watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. So you can easily jump into the pool with this ladies watch without damaging the watch.

There is hardly anything wrong with this ladies’ watch. It gets a little more difficult with the size, which may not please every lady. The case has a diameter of 40 mm and is, therefore, one of the larger ladies’ watches. I have to mention that exactly such larger cases are in high demand and trendy in the women’s models.

Thanks to the intense luminous colour on the minute and hour hand, you can also read the time in the dark.

All in all, this fossil ladies watch completely convinced me. The appearance is noble and the quality very good. If silver isn’t the right colour for your look, on Amazon, you’ll find this women’s watch in other colour variations, for example in the trend colour rose gold.


  • Cheap Women’s Watch
  • Waterproof to 100 meters
  • High-quality artistry
  • Sparkling appearance


  • Relatively large ladies watch


Simple Daniel Wellington Ladies Watch

Simple Daniel Wellington Ladies Watch

  • Can be worn for any occasion
  • Polished stainless steel housing
  • Available in many colour variants
  • Water repellent up to 3 bar

Daniel Wellington’s simple women’s watches seem to have struck a nerve. Daniel Wellington women’s watches are incredibly popular. In this review, you will find out why. These ladies watch flat simple and can be combined to any look. The dial makes a valuable impression and is the highlight of the watch. This model is simply the perfect fashion accessory. With a case diameter of 36 mm, the ladies watch fits well with a dainty wrist.

Unfortunately, Daniel Wellington women’s watches are not very high-quality. However, the bracelet has a fairly long lifespan, especially if you care for it properly. Also make sure that the ladies watch is only waterproof up to 3 bar. The ladies watch also lacks luminous colour on the hands.

The selection of Daniel Wellington women’s watches is wide. However, the women’s watches differ only by different colours, bracelets and case diameters. The housing shape, hands and dial are always the same. Therefore, DW fashion watches have a high recognition value.

Are you looking for a simple and cheap fashion watch? Then Daniel Wellington is the right choice. There are so many variants on Amazon that you’re guaranteed to find them.


  • Durable battery
  • Cheap radio clock
  • Waterproof to 50 meters
  • Titanium Enclosure & Bracelet


  • No world time
  • Looks cheap


Golden Michael Kors Women’s Watch

Golden Michael Kors Women's Watch

  • Elegant ladies watch
  • Diverse colour selection
  • Flexible stainless steel bracelet
  • Waterproof to 50 meters

I like these golden ladies watch by Michael Kors visually very much. The dial is provided with a fine cut, which shimmers very nicely. You can watch this well in the product video on Amazon. I would like to highlight the high-quality stainless steel bracelet of the Michael Kors ladies watch. Only massive limbs are installed so that this band fits smoothly on your wrist. The coating of the gold-coloured bracelet is also solid and promises you long preservation.

The glass blocks on the bezel are, of course, hard to miss. They add extra shine to the ladies watch. These ladies watch, therefore relatively simple and still attracts a lot of attention.

The quality of the designer watch is as usual good. The gold-coloured stainless steel coating is thick and robust. Besides, the ladies watch is water-resistant to 50 meters so that you can wear the watch under the shower, for example.

The EIA of EUR 279 is set too high. Since it is a designer brand, you pay for the brand name. Despite this, the price/performance of the golden ladies watch is good. There is also no luminous colour for this ladies watch. In the dark, you can’t see the time.

This Michael Kors ladies watch is especially worthwhile when the ladies watch is on offer. The classic ladies watch available in many other colours. Maybe there is also the right colour for your personal style.


  • Flexible stainless steel bracelet
  • Detailed processing
  • Bezel with ornamental stones
  • Waterproof to 50 meters


  • No luminous colour


Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Watch

  • Fine dial
  • Solid stainless steel strap
  • Bezel with ornamental stones
  • Water repellent up to 3 bar

These ladies watch sporty and yet very classy. An important contribution to this is the rosé-coloured bezel with ornamental stones, which immediately catches the eye with its shine. At first glance, these ladies watch seems to be a chronograph. However, the pushers on the side are purely decorative. Instead of a stop function, there is an analog date display on the dial. Looking for a ladies chronograph? All information about women’s chronographs and the current best models can be found here.

The stainless steel bracelet is solid and fits very well with this ladies watch. Nevertheless, there is a small criticism here: the bracelet looks as if a lot of bracelet members are installed. It is only on closer inspection that it is noticeable that this is only a pattern. Nevertheless, this ladies watch has a pleasant wearing feeling.

There is no luminous colour on the hands of this ladies watch. When in contact with water, you must also be careful. The ladies watch only 3 bar waterproof.

I highly recommend these sporty ladies watch from Tommy Hilfiger. The quality is right, and the colour combination is unique. In a way, the watch stands out from the typical models without being too daring.


  • Blue dial
  • Sparkling ornamental stones
  • With analog date display
  • High-quality stainless steel bracelet


  • Pusher only decorative
  • Only up to 3 bar waterproof


Fossil Hybrid Women’s Watch

Fossil Hybrid Women's Watch

  • Versatile additional functions
  • Integrated pedometer
  • Music control via pressures
  • Ornamental stones on bezel & ribbon
  • Waterproof to 50 meters

This women’s watch from Fossil can do more than you could at first glance. It is indeed a smartwatch. The analog watch is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and thus receives smart additional functions.

Women’s watches of this type are also called hybrid smartwatches. They are a mix of smartwatch and analog watch.

Now you’re certainly excited like a bow about what the Fossil Q ladies can do. These are the 3 most important functions:

1. Target tracking

Hybrid Smartwatch provides more movement in everyday life. A pedometer is installed in the watch. Simply specify a daily zeil, for example, a certain number of steps or calorie consumption. The Hybrid Smartwatch shows you your progress live.

2. Music control

The pushers on the watch allow you to control your music playback on your smartphone. You never have to reach for your phone again to make your favourite music louder.

3. Notifications

Of course, the Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch can also alert you to notifications. For example, if you receive a WhatsApp message, the ladies watch vibrates. You can also use the Fossil Q as an alarm clock or timer.

The many features are, of course, strong arguments for the Fossil Q. The only thing I find critical of the Hybrid women’s watch is the low battery life. You need to replace the watch’s battery approximately every 6 months.

Conclusion: Not only the chic look of the ladies watch convinces. With unimagined functions, this ladies watch can really score points.


  • Versatile additional functions
  • Many luminous ornamental stones
  • Waterproof to 50 meters


  • Only 6 months of battery life


Compact women’s watch buying advice

What do you pay attention to with a ladies watch? Does it look most important to you? Or do you place more emphasis on durability and quality? For most, only one thing is important: the main thing is that the watch looks good. There’s a lot more to consider, so you don’t regret your purchase.

In this women’s watch test, we not only attach great importance to optics. Here you will find only high-quality women’s watches at a reasonable price.

Before I go into the pros and cons of what I think are the 5 best women’s watches in 2021, an important note: ALL women’s watches in the test have these characteristics:

1. Precise quartz movement

Each women’s watch in this test is equipped with a quartz movement. These works are not only particularly cheap but also run reliably and accurately to the second.

Don’t want to change batteries? In this comparison, we have examined women’s watches with an automatic movement.


2. Proven watch manufacturers

Unfortunately, there are more and more black sheep among the watch manufacturers. Cheap watches from China have been visually successful, but they practically fall apart after a few months. You should, therefore stick to well-known watch brands. On this page, you will find only durable women’s watches.


3. Reliable Return & Warranty

As with any other fashion item, it is also important to try it on your own when buying a women’s watch. Of course, this is not possible before buying online. Therefore, we have also paid attention to the return conditions in this selection. All models in this selection can be tried at home without risk and in peace.

In the following table, you will find our women’s watches Favorites 2021. Don’t worry: I’ll go into the best 5 watches in detail. Have a ladies watch aroused your interest? On Amazon, you’ll find all the information about the models.

This purchase advice will allow you to find exactly the ladies watch you’ve been looking for for a long time. We’ve singled out the three most important features of a women’s watch that you need to pay attention to before buying. You will not only be able to distinguish high-quality women’s watches from low-cost models. After this short overview, you also know which watch fits perfectly to your requirements.



Leather bracelets are very versatile. It is available in all possible colours and patterns. A leather strap is usually significantly cheaper than a stainless steel bracelet.

Leather is a natural material. Since it is susceptible to water and sweat, it does not have a long lifespan. If you wear your ladies watch every day, you will need to replace the leather strap of your women’s watch after about one year.

Most leather straps are straightforward to replace. So a leather strap inevitably brings some variety.


  • Length individually adjustable
  • Elegant appearance
  • Comfortable wearing feeling
  • Relatively cheap


  • No long service life


Stainless steel

A stainless steel bracelet is generally more robust than a leather strap. For example, you don’t have to pay attention to how much water gets to your ladies’ watch’s wristband. The lifespan of a solid stainless steel bracelet is significantly longer than the leather strap. Besides, the steel strap is easier to clean. Unfortunately, a stainless steel bracelet is not compatible with every watch case. Besides, a steel bracelet is simply more expensive – of course, you have some of it for longer.

Various cuts and coatings significantly enhance the appearance of a steel bracelet. To the value of a bracelet, it helps to look at it from all sides.


  • Significantly longer-lasting
  • Valuable feel
  • Versatile decorative cuts
  • Resistant to water


  • Doesn’t always fit
  • Relatively expensive


Closures at a glance

No matter which bracelet you choose, the clasp always plays an important role. We will be happy to clarify the advantages and disadvantages.


Thorn closures are mainly used for leather, textile and rubber straps. Its name is due to the thorn-shaped tip, which is guided through a hole in the bracelet. The biggest advantage of the buckle is that you can vary the bracelet length as needed. The biggest drawback of a buckle is that this clasp wears out the bracelet after frequent use.


The Butterfly clasp is a relatively modern phenomenon. The Butterfly clasp owes its name to two metal brackets that open in both directions. This clasp is much easier and faster to open than the traditional buckle. The biggest advantage of this clasp is that it is no longer visible after closing. As a result, the bracelet looks particularly beautiful and high-quality. The only drawback of a butterfly clasp is that the bracelet’s length is not variable and the bracelet must therefore be adapted to the circumference of your wrist, for example with the watchmaker.

Folding closure

In contrast to butterfly folding closures, tilting folds have only one metal bracket, which you can only open in one direction. The look and quality of the folding closures are very different. A critical look is required here. A continuation of the folding clasp is the safety folding clasp. This has an additional metal bracket, which you have to change separately before opening the folding clasp.


Water-resistance explained

3 bar / 30 meters / 3 ATM

Of course, the term “up to 30 meters waterproof” promises a lot. However, it does not mean that you can dive 30 meters deep with the watch. Don’t be misguided by the label. The ladies’ watches with this license plate are only water-repellent. With such a watch, you can neither swim nor bathe and certainly not take a shower! Only sweat and raindrops have no chance.


5 bar / 50 meters / 5 ATM

If your watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, then you can venture with it a small excursion into the outdoor pool. But this is not without risk. If the watch stays in the water for too long, then even 5 bar water resistance will not suffice. If the watch is poorly processed or has already had a few usage traces, the risk increases naturally. Cheap watches also do not have a screwed crown. At this vulnerability, water enters the clock most often. You can only swim safely with a ladies watch that is water-resistant to 100 meters.


My conclusion on the best women’s watches

The choice of chic ladies watches large. But you have to look at each eagle-eyed watch to identify vulnerabilities. You can, of course, also use our preselection.

On, you will find high-quality women’s watches at a reasonable price. Take a look at one of the 10 best women’s watches 2021 on Amazon in detail. When buying, pay attention to our tips, then nothing stands in the way of your new favourite watch.

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