10 Gift Ideas For Women in 2021 (For Every Occasion)

Say goodbye to pondering and headaches to find the ideal gift for Freudin, Mum or Grandma. We have put together ten wonderful gift ideas for the women in your life.


10 Gift Ideas For Women in 2021 

The star-studded chain

A classic, high-quality gift for women is jewellery. Rings, bracelets, brooches… – the choice is huge, and in the end, you are spoilt for choice. But what strikes safely is a piece of jewellery with the special something, like the extraordinary zodiac chain. The Personalizable Chain is available in every zodiac sign and various metal looks. It also allows you to personalize your gift using the pendant on the back with the exact date of birth or the recipients’ initials. This piece of jewellery will make every lady shine.


Prost, Ladys!

There are always good reasons to toast – sometimes a cosy girls’ evening is enough, and hopefully, there will be many of them. Piccolo, Champagne & Co. taste best from the Leonardo champagne glass with individual name engraving. Whether for mum, best friend, grandma or lady of the heart, with this noble gift surprise you hit the mark on every occasion. Cheers, on this great gift idea!


Sweet Cooking Companion

It is a real eye-catcher in every local soup lake and a convenient helper: the soup-Mekelle Nessie. The monster from Loch Ness has become too boring in gloomy Scotland. That’s why the sweet mythical creature is now looking for a new home in a cosy kitchen that occasionally keeps well-filled soup pots ready to watch over the Nessie. Can you think of a lady who might use some monster-rich society on the stove? Perfect, then give Nessie a new home and a cooking-loving lady a lot of joy with this fancy soup.


For an individual shopping experience

Who doesn’t know: You are standing in the supermarket, want to get a shopping basket, but can’t find suitable small money. This unpleasant moment is easy to remedy and also very unusual: the photo keyfob with a shopping chip. This is not only practical, as it allows you to carry a basket chip with you on the keychain, but is also refined with a special memory because it adorns a photo of your choice. This little thing is tiny but oho.


Flowery tea enjoyment

Tea flowers enchant and provide not only taste but also visual enjoyment! The small works of art originate in China and are best displayed in a glass teapot. Watching the flowers bloom is very soothing and an optical highlight that will delight guests as well. If you want to give a tea connoisseur a special pleasure, then the blossom tea gift set white tea is the right idea.


The loved ones to cuddle


Whether your favourite people are near or far, with this cuddly pillow with photo and desired text, they are always at hand for cuddling. This extraordinary pillow is a cuddly eye-catcher on the bed or sofa with which your recipient always has all the ones she loves around her—an empathetic gift to say goodbye or to people who can’t always be together.


The Magic Biscuit Glass

Some time ago, the unicorn mania broke out, and the trend seems to be no end. And what suits sugar-sweet unicorns? Right, just as sweet sweets. To protect them from nasty biscuit monsters, you can give your best friend the customizable biscuit jar unicorn. The pummelling unicorn not only looks cute, along with the name of the recipients it clearly shows who is the owner of the sacred delicacies.


Naughty Feet

My little green cactus, adorns my feet today’ – moment, that’s not how the song works? It may be, but with this witty cactus sock, it still comes true. This gift surprise is a real eye-catcher because these socks really look like a little cactus. Unpacked, the crazy cheerful motif is still fun afterwards and currently hits the mark in the colourful motif sock trend.


Kiss the Hand, Beautiful Woman

What can perfectly stage a woman’s delicate wrist? Right, preferably a bangle or bracelet. But if it is to be something special, take not just one but a bracelet with individual engraving. On this, you can immortalize a special date, the names of your treasure and you or your child. Even a nickname or short saying fits perfectly—an elegant gift to fall in love with immediately.


Order in the Realm of the Rings

If you own beautiful jewellery, you also have to put it in a sensational setting. Especially with rings, women often associate unique memories. Rings stand for unique connections, luxury and beauty. But since a woman has only ten fingers and cannot always carry all her precious things at the same time, she has with the ring holder Anagram Cat a good-looking, delicate helper, who watches over the noble pieces in between. Your recipient always keeps an eye on your favourite rings.

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